Glendale Biotechnology Students Tour Axolotl Biologix Laboratory

Glendale Biotechnology Students Tour Axolotl Biologix Laboratory  

Phoenix Company Opens Doors To Encourage STEM Careers


Phoenix, AZ (February 21, 2019)Axolotl Biologix, a biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine, shared some of the secrets of its success with Glendale Community College’s top STEM students. The Phoenix company welcomed members of GCC’s Biotechnology Club to explain regenerative medicine and how they research, develop and manufacture regenerative products from human cell and tissue technologies for medical applications.

Axolotl Biologix is one of only two biotechnology companies selected this semester to inspire students majoring in biotechnology, cell/molecular biology, research and pre-med.

“Everyone at Axolotl Biologix loved speaking with these bright students to explain how our work is shaping the future of medicine by focusing on expanding the body’s ability to regenerate,” said Dr. Robert Diller, Senior Director of Research and Development of Axolotl Biologix. “It was inspiring to meet these young people and hopefully spark an idea that will lead them to discover to the world’s next great medical technology.”

 GCC’s Biotechnology Club conducts independent research, tours biotech facilities, participates in science fairs and competitions, and meets with industry professionals.

“After touring Axolotl Biologix, it stapled the company in our eyes as being one of the greatest facilities we have toured as it was clean, organized, focused and its leaders were quite humble,” said Christian Topete, President of the Biotechnology Club at GCC. “Axolotl Biologix really resonated with us as a group in that the company’s mission is to help those in need.”


Axolotl Biologix offers regenerative medicine treatment applications with clinical benefits known to stimulate cellular growth and repair of damaged cells and tissues.


In January, the General Services Administration’s (GSA) added Axolotl Biologix to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), to make its products available through the Veterans Administration and Indian Health Services. Government Marketing & Procurement, LLC assisted Axolotl Biologix in the process. 


About Axolotl Biologix:

Axolotl Biologix, Inc. is an innovative biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine through research, technology and clinical application. Axolotl Biologix is expanding the human body’s ability to regenerate by developing and manufacturing regenerative medical technologies that are disrupting traditional, more invasive, painful and expensive treatment protocols. For more information, visit

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