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Product Description

Axolotl Graft™ is a dehydrated allograft membrane patch derived from the amnion that advances wound repair, skin replacement, and reconstruction.

Product Details

• Human allograft under FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 1271 and section 361 of the PHS

• Immune privileged with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

• Contains extracellular matrix components for cellular attachment and proliferation

• Dehydrated and terminally e-beam sterilized for an extended shelf life.

• Ease of use

Donor Screening

Our tissue is recovered from living donors that are tested and qualified after a full-term pregnancy and during a scheduled C-section. Our processor is thorough in their screening and testing process to ensure patient safety.


Order Products by Product Code or Product Name

          Name                            Code                      Size

                          Axolotl Graft™ - 1x2          AG12                    2 cm2

                          Axolotl Graft™ - 2x3          AG23                    6 cm2

                          Axolotl Graft™ - 4x4          AG44                   16 cm2